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Microsoft is hitting Chrome really hard with bold new browser moves

Microsoft Edge has new surprises...

Microsoft Edge is quickly growing in popularity. It’s already the number two browser behind Google Chrome, with many people seeing it as a secure and functional alternative. This week, Edge has made a bunch of moves and added a bunch of new features that aim to grab more share from Chrome as the browser wars heat up.

The new Edge is based on the same Chromium engine as Google Chrome. Google Chrome is notorious for poor memory management, but the most recent update to the new version of edge, manages memory upto 27% better.

Another Microsoft change this week will give people another reason to choose Edge over Chrome by bringing the browser to Windows 8 users as well as those still using unsupported Windows 7.

Microsoft had already confirmed it would bring Edge to millions by handing its recently launched browser to all Windows 10 users via Windows Update.

Microsoft Edge as a secure Chrome alternative 

Microsoft’s revamped Edge only dropped a couple of months ago, but it has been launching new features at rapid fire speed to rival Google Chrome. As part of this, it has added a bunch of working from home features to make your experience using the browser for work and leisure more seamless and secure.

Edge has also brought itself on a par with Chrome with the ability to block annoying notification popups, which can also help improve your security. 

There are certainly a lot of cool features that either beat or bring Edge on par with Chrome. So if you’re a Google Chrome user, and you’re looking for a secure but functional alternative with a similar feel, why not try the new Edge out?


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