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Modern Office


208Geek provides specialized networking and enterprise-level IT solutions for micro to small-sized businesses to ensure optimal workflow. Contact us now to schedule a free consultation to assess your technology needs.


Every company has different expectations and requirements. As a local business with over 20 years of experience, we know the industry well and work with self-made entrepreneurs, real estate firms, legal offices, medical providers, and a variety of other talents in the Treasure Valley. Our clients rest easy knowing that they can rely on us to manage their IT demands. Whether it be maintaining their servers, setting up new computers and workstations, taking advantage of cloud-based solutions, or creating custom websites, we are your total solution.


We value integrity and don't lock our users into contracts or charge monthly fees. If you are seeking professional IT to boost your company to the next level, call 208Geek today to see how we can help!





Virus & Spyware Removal


Anti-virus software isn't foolproof. Sometimes you can make one wrong click, then in no time you have a popup that says, "You're system may be infected." Do you have virus or popup troubles? We can neutralize viruses quickly and efficiently on a single computer or a business network and provide you with the tools to prevent them from happening again.

Data Migration & Backup


Backing up is an essential role in the life of your data. A backup is the process of creating a copy of the data on your system that you use for recovery in case your original data is lost or corrupted. You can also use backups to recover copies of older files if you have deleted them from your system. Without a backup, you leave yourself and your business vulnerable. Whether at home or the office, we offer affordable and reliable backup solutions designed for you.



Employee Security


As the lines between work and leisure time become increasingly blurred and employees use company-issued devices and resources for personal use—such as social media, online shopping, and even telehealth—the potential for cyberattacks is ever-present. Security awareness training courses, programs, and campaigns help educate users and empower them to detect and avoid common cyber threats. In short, a human-centric cyber security approach is the best defense against cyber criminals.

Computer Upgrades


Often we can upgrade computers that would otherwise require replacement at just a fraction of the cost. From adding a second hard drive for more space to replacing worn-out parts, we can rejuvenate your computer(s). We will give you an honest recommendation for your individual needs, even if it isn't in our best interests.

Wired/Wireless Network Setup


Whether you're starting up a new office, expanding your network, ready to go wireless or have a network on the fritz, we can help you. Call us to find out how we can help you with your network configuration. 


Peripheral Installation/Training


Got a new tech toy? We can help you install it and teach you how to use it. We can help with just about anything you can connect to your computer (Phones, Digital Cameras, Printers, you name it). Or even with a new computer that you don't understand. Changing over to a new operating system can be daunting, let us show you how it works.


Network Firewall/Security


Want to make your network a fortress? Our security solutions protect your network and data from breaches, intrusions, and other threats. Network security is a vast term that describes hardware and software protection and configurations relating to network use, accessibility, and overall threat protection. We can do that; call us for a free consultation.


System Tune Up


Remember, just like your car needs an oil change every 3000 miles, your computer also needs regularly scheduled maintenance. Most people are unaware of the nightmares caused by not keeping up with regular maintenance. Most downtime due to viruses and data loss can be avoided by scheduling regular tune-ups 1-2 times a year.


Revival of Dead Computers


Is your computer unresponsive, dead, or gathering dust in the closet? A computer that was hidden away for even a year or two will be in danger of missing all kinds of security and application updates. Your computer might have been used  a few years ago, then stored away. Now might have strange software-configuration problems that are more trouble than they’re worth to track down. We have the magic to bring it back to life no matter what the problem is hardware, software, or both.

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