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Is your Mac really safer than other Windows computers?

Mac software threats climbed 400% in 2019, more than Microsoft Windows...

As Mac products become increasingly more popular so too will the amount of viruses and malware. Mac computers are less secure than they used to be and more vulnerable to certain types of software threats than their Microsoft Windows counterparts.

That what the statement said from a newly issued report on malware from cybersecurity company Malwarebytes. The report contradicts a long-held belief that Macs are more immune to such threats than Windows PCs.

Malwarebytes went on to say that most of the Mac threats were not considered as malicious or dangerous as tradition

al malware. It detected only a single incident – targeting Coinbase and other cryptocurrency companies – that involved anything beyond tricking the user into downloading and opening something they shouldn’t.

“What we saw was a virtual landslide of adware and PUP (potentially unwanted programs) detections, far outpacing growth on the Windows side," the report said.

"While these threats are not considered as dangerous as traditional malware, they are becoming a much larger and more noticeable nuisance for Mac users, who can no longer say that their beloved systems are immune from malware."

Threats to the Mac climbed 400% last year compared to 2018, though some allowance was made for the fact that there was a corresponding increase in the number of Macs running Malwarebytes software.

But the authors added that “Mac detections per endpoint” increased from 4.8 in 2018 to a whopping 11.0 in 2019, nearly double the same statistic for Windows. For the first time, Mac threats appeared at the top of Malwarebytes’ overall threat detections list, the report said.

When asked about this Apple pointed to documentation posted in late November spelling out its position on “suspicious” software for developers.

Apple warns against programs deemed deceptive, difficult or costly to remove, or that degraded a user's privacy or security.

When developers join the Apple Developer Program and accept the Program License Agreement, the tech giant says they agree to "ensure that their software is safe and secure for their users."

“They also agree to cooperate with Apple systems … designed to help protect users from

malware (e.g., viruses, trojan horses, backdoors, ransomware, spyware) or malicious, suspicious, or harmful code or components when distributing Developer ID–signed Mac software outside the Mac App Store," Apple said.

Either way, Mac owners shouldn’t have any false sense of security. Apple has always been adamant with Mac customers to update to the latest version of macOS software, and to download software only from the Mac App Store or other trusted sources. But we also suggest anti-virus software, it you have any questions about what software we recommend please contact us.


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