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Grit you teeth, and let your computer install updates.

Security experts say consumers should welcome Windows updates because they serve a crucial purpose illuminated by the victims of the " Wannacry," ransomware attacks.

What are they talking about? The massive global attacks on computer in over 150 countries which happened recently. The users that installed the Microsoft - issued patch were immune to the ransomware.

We are now living in a world where computers and the software that runs them are under constant assault. These updates allow companies such as Microsoft, Apple, and Google to keep their customers safe. Yes, I know they are annoying, but they are very necessary.

"Think of this whole thing between the hackers and us, the average people, as an arms race. The hackers find a vulnerability, the companies find something to counter it," said John Otero- Professor at St. John's University's Computer Security Program.

Too many consumers turn off updates or refuse to install these updates when they pop-up. Either because they like their programs the way they are, or because they fear the updates themselves may be malicious, or maybe just because its just too much work and inconvenient.

Companies such as Microsoft and Apple, now release software update more frequently. These updates often include a mix of security and general changes. All which improve the efficiency of your computer or phones software.

SO I BEG YOU.... PLEASE PUT UP WITH UPDATES, even when they make you reboot your computer. It will save your grief later.


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