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5 Tech Trends for 2023

Few would argue that nothing changes as quickly as technology. Nor would they disagree that these changes come at a cost. Consider, for example, the recent Southwest Airlines’ debacle, which many attribute to outdated technology. Having canceled thousands of flights at the height of holiday travel, the airline is reeling from bad press. Ultimately, in fact, outdated infrastructure could be their undoing. Nevertheless, tech is here to stay. And over the course of the coming new year, we can expect to see several exciting trends in the field:

1. Biohacking will Grow in Popularity

  • Biohacking is a health craze, which includes the act of making small tweaks to your own personal lifestyle, diet, and health to improve your overall well-being.

  • Some examples of biohacking include yoga, eating more vegetables and fruits, or exercising regularly.

  • Biohacking has been gaining popularity since 2021 because it can be an effective way to improve your mental health and physical wellbeing without spending a lot of money on expensive treatments or medications.

2. Virtual Reality Experiences Will Improve

Virtual reality experiences are set to improve significantly in 2023. Technology will continue to become more immersive. This will allow users to experience virtual worlds as though they are real. As a result, virtual reality will become more accessible to the public and used in areas of our lives beyond their current applications.

3. Smart Cities Will Create Innovative Technology

Smart cities are already being implemented across the country and around the world. But these cities will see major advancements over the coming year. The most exciting development for smart cities is that they will become more connected than ever before.

With more sensors and smart devices, smart cities will communicate with each other to improve efficiency and enhance performance. These connected systems can also allow them to communicate with people and other parts of the internet. This can create new opportunities for innovation in many areas including transportation, energy management, emergency response systems and even entertainment options. Consider gaming or VR experiences at home or work environments, which will enable users to interact with colleagues or friends remotely through video conferencing apps like Zoom.

4. On-Demand Healthcare Services Will Expand

Online healthcare services will grow in popularity. Initially resistant to virtual care, the public have started to embrace the convenience of telephone appointments. As a result, many will receive the care they need without having to take time off work or deal with the hassle of finding a doctor's appointment, as telehealth gains traction.

5. Data Security Will Become More Necessary Than Ever

Data security is more important than ever, and it is something that everyone needs to keep in mind. The past few years have seen a bevy of data breaches and hacks, from the well-known Equifax breach (only recently settled) to the recent hack on the Marriott hotel chain. These are just two examples; there are many others that haven't been as widely publicized but could still leave you vulnerable to identity theft or fraud if personal information is stolen.

You can help protect yourself against these risks by taking precautions like changing your passwords regularly, using two-factor authentication (and not just at banks), and making sure all your devices are updated with the latest firmware patches from their manufacturers. And if you run into problems or question the authenticity of any digital communication you receive, we would love to answer your questions and/or help get you and your computer equipment back on track.

About 208Geek in Meridian, Idaho

Owner/Operator Jacob Van Vliet began building and repairing computer systems for friends and family out of his home in 2001. Jacob was receiving so many requests for computer repair, that in the Fall of 2005, he opened 208 Geek with the vision of providing outstanding service and peace of mind. He has committed 208 Geek to delivering unparalleled, friendly, and professional service, with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


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