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5 Problems with Using Artificial Intelligence to Generate Content: ChatGPT

The tech community is up in arms about the recent introduction of free open-source software called ChatGPT. The software uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) for everything from internet searches to content creation. However, the problem is that AI is not always easy to use and can produce poor results. Here are some of the most common problems associated with using AI content for your website or social media posts:

1. Generic Content

AI content can be generic, failing to connect directly to your audience. The best way to avoid this problem is to write content by hand. And if you rely on AI, don’t use it as a replacement for human writers or editors. Instead, use it as a tool to enhance their work by making it more efficient and effective. A good editorial team exists to create engaging content with compelling narratives. On the other hand, AI content is produced by robots. Ironically, the Google bots (which are a form of AI) scan the internet every day. These bots are being trained to detect and exclude AI-generated content from ranking well on search engines.

2. Lack of Personalization

AI can’t read minds. For AI to work well, you need to train it to understand the context of the conversation. This means that if it does not have enough information, it will produce inaccurate results – or worse yet, no results at all!

3. Not Human

AI is not human. Devoid of human emotion, AI can't lacks a healthy sense of humor. The problem with using AI content is that people will see through it. They know when they are being talked down to or condescended to by an algorithm that is trying too hard to relate. And as soon as your audience realizes they are reading content produced by AI, they will reject the message.

4. ChatGPT is in Beta Form

Only recently introduced, ChatGPT is in beta form, which means it is not yet readily available. Programmers use feedback to make improvements before releasing it to the public. Therefore, if you want to try the tool, you may have to wait until demand is down. Some techies suggest that Google may try to eliminate the new platform, since its search function encroaches on their territory. However, if Google thinks that ChatGPT threatens their bread and butter, their parent company, Alphabet, would likely purchase the platform.

5. Needs Feedback to Improve

The most important thing to remember is that AI needs feedback to improve. If you fail to test AI, it will not improve. And if you’re going to invest time training AI, why not instead use that time to perfect your own skills?

AI is meant to be used by humans. It was not designed to take over the world. But it can help us perform our jobs better by automating monotonous tasks. When using AI content, be aware of the limitations of AI so you won’t don't get frustrated when things don't go according to plan.

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