Technology changing the way you think of food!

Updated: Sep 7, 2018

I love food, cooking and eating is a passion of mine. Nevertheless, I own an IT company. So, how do I write about food on a Tech blog? Simple, I write about how technology has change food as we know it.

Calorie tracker camera tech

There’s no shortage of calorie counting apps on the market, but the creators of popular diet tracker Lose It! may have just taken the cake! literally, with the debut of their innovative new feature, Snap It.

Snap It uses advanced image recognition technology to identify foods and report calorie levels in seconds. Consumers simply snap a photo of their meal, and the Snap It tool identifies individual food items. Consumers then confirm their items and select a serving size, and Snap It lists total calories for each item. Smartphone users can download the latest version of the Lose It! app to access Snap It! Gluten avoiders, meet Nima.

Nima is a small, portable sensor that consumers can use to quickly detect whether the food in front of them contains gluten. This product is the first for San Francisco-based 6SensorLabs.

The key to Nima is its speed. Yates, one of the founders of 6SensorLabs says, "that existing tests on the market take up to 15 or 20 minutes to give an uneasy diner a definitive answer. Nima takes two minutes."A lot of the innovation was [asking ourselves] how do we make this fast enough so we can put it in the hands of consumers," she says.

All a user has to do is place a sample of the food into a disposable, one-time use capsule and close it with a cap. They then p