Multiple anti-virus software slowing your computer down?

In most cases, running simultaneous antivirus programs will majorly slow your computers performance without adding significant protective benefits. However, certain combinations of endpoint protection compliment one another. What are good pairings for security programs on a computer?

You want to think about software type rather than brand: Specifically, think in terms of antivirus and anti-malware when considering a combination of security software.

When cyber security experts recommend taking a multi-layered approach to antivirus it means spreading detection measures across your network.

  • Servers for e-mail and applications

  • Cloud-based AV solutions hosted remotely

  • Endpoint protection scanning desktops, tablets, mobile devices.

  • A firewall appliance running its own application, guarding where the office network meets the internet.

The idea is to have all the pieces of the infrastructure puzzle playing its own role in securing the network. The trick to mixing and matching solutions is to disable applications within each that overlap in functionality.