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Best bunch of clients anyone could ask for...

I just want to start by saying that we have the best clients ever! 5 Star reviews have been flooding in all month long.

We appreciate all the amazing words people have used to describe our business, and our technicians.

Our goal all along was to provide people with cost effective, and top notch computer repair. As well as budget conscious and business savvy IT support. We always want to place you with the perfect technology for you!

Thank you everyone for the trust you have placed in us, we truly appreciate your business. We hope to have the pleasure of being your go to geeks for many years to come.


Like I said, we really appreciate our clients, and have one more favor to ask. We want to be known as the best in Idaho. Please vote for us? The link is posted below. We are listed under SERVICES, then COMPUTER REPAIR.

THANK YOU so, so much from all of us at!


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